Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cairo Part 2 Audio

Cairo part 2: In which our crew attempts to "drawn the dark gods in the bogs that birthed them!"

Camel for scale

Right, sorry for the long hiatus, I had a kid and all, and you can't really blame me for having, arguably, correct priorities, right? But here it is, our latest session to seek the truth of the Carlisle expedition, or avenge their friend, or sell booze... I can't rightly remember what they're after, only that they leave destruction in their wake and innocence in their sights.

After Regina Shmee shredded the girdle of the dark queen Niticris, the earth trembled and the leaders of the Mosque at which they were currently chilling in began to give them grave warnings. Naturally this meant leaving out the back door. Having parked the car in the front, however, it proved a futile attempt to evade confrontation.

While approaching the vehicle, consequently this is where they left all of their guns, they were cut off by three men wearing robes and inverted Ankhs, you should know the type by now. In a rush of emotion and adrenaline, our crew jumps into the quickly escalating situation. In doing so, Elly attempted to run to the car in order to get some firepower into the fight, however she tripped. After that point, Fimi throws a rock at the attackers only to miss and hit Elly square on the head. Jock manages to get to the car while Regina, Olivia and Colette duke it out with the three unsavory gentlemen. Plenty of grappling and punching and shooting ensues.

And one thing led to another, and the final living member of the ambush slits his own throat on Regina's scimitar. Naturally, our heroes(?) loot the bodies of their attackers (victims?). The leaders of the Mosque identify this small clan as members of the brotherhood and agree to take care of the bodies. Dag nab it, they needed some answers. So, after killing three men, the group decides to head off to the Meuseum to learn a little somethin-something about Egyptian History.

At the museum, they gain audience with a man by the name of Dr. Ali. Now, the good doctor dropped a whole lot of information regarding how the dark Pharaoh was also known as the Black Wind and Nyarlathotep. Apparently this guy named Snefaru defeated the dark Pharaoh and built a couple pyramids to keep him in check. The red Pyramid, made of sand-stone and built solid as more of a ward against evil, and the Bent Pyramid where Snefaru was said to have been laid. This guy gets all hopped and bothered about the brotherhood being real, and he wants to get rid of evil too. Really a stand up guy. So, after a decent amount of information being pooured over the players, they retire for the evening to Yalesha's friends home.

They have a lovely evening and find a "good luck" ward carved on the wall. Our heroes then contemplate the rest of the session on how to tattoo this ward onto their bodies, or carve it into anything that will scratch.

After being given a hunch to look up a Warren Bessart, a broker that worked for the Carlisle expedition. Jock prances into the french embassy and is given a brief description of where he might reside. Thankfully, Yalesha is a crack navigator and gets them to "the red door" in the old city. The red door appeared to be a clothing shop of some sort where our heroes bought, among other things, a sun dress and a pith helmet.

It takes almost no convincing for the shop keeper to give up the location of Bessart.... It's at the back of the shop. They find this guy high as a kite and trying to get money and/or drugs from them. Info dump 2 comes in the form of Warren reliving the experience he had with the expedition. Jack Brady came from the dig one day upset because all the key members of the expedition had gone into the Bent Pyramid and disappeared. The two drank. The following morning the others returned and were super snobby, like they had experienced some cool underground concert and they hadn't. After being warned that the recently re-appearing members of the clear had concerted with dark forces. He witnessed this himself when he walked in on a ritual in the desert with hundreds of people being killed and eaten, all but the five that had gone into the Bent Pyramid. This was too much for ol Warren and he took off and wandered the desert, almost dead. He was found by a man who took him to his mothers home cared for him for two years. This guy was off the deep end. As payment, Jock handed him the strange powder they had almost been slipped at the restaurant.... it turns out to be simply flour, which annoys warren, but he just goes back to his pipe.

On their way out they notice a bunch of cats follow them.

So, the Red Pyramid then? The crew heads off to go exploring, which leads them to the solid pyramid made of red sandstone. It seems like a good idea to most of them to climb it, so they do. All but Colette of course. The oaf is too clumsy to get a good footing. After defacing ancient history for a bit, the group reaches the top and finds what appears to be half of a symbol carved in the capstone. The seal was broken. What was once the symbol of an eye, oddly enough the same ward that was found on the walls of Yalesha's buddies home.

They slip and slide their way down, find a hidden cache of torches and grappling hook and are just about to call it a day... until they see the Bent Pyramid in the distance. Ah, the afternoon is young, they decide to go check it out.

After getting all chatty with a pair of guards at the sight, they get a tour of the front entrance. Boring. This was rumored to be Snefaru's burial. It was not as flashy as ol King Tut's that's for sure. They decide to head home, not even interested in the back entrance to the pyramid that's simply known as a false chamber to thwart grave robbers. That is, until a light flashes from the rear entrance like a well baited hook. It takes less than two seconds for the crew to run to the entrance, rip the plywood boards off and head on in. At first glance it looks like the main burrial chamber, but with two large alabaster pillars towards the back. One of the pillars was ajar, which was weird, since pillars don't open. Anywho, they start to ascend a stone set of zig zagged ramps. The angles in this place were crazy.

They pop into a chamber with a Giant map on one wall, an astrological map on another, pedestals with giant weird looking gems on them, and an oh so tempting throne. Too tempting, for Elly, it would turn out. She shoved her considerable girth through the crowd standing in awe of their find and went all Abu in the cave of wonders. She plopped herself down and froze with a smile on her face. This seemed odd to everyone else. You found me, a voice using Elly to speak says. The Dark Pharaoh has shown himself.

It quickly becomes apparent that things have indeed just got real. Info dump three comes with Elly saying that the return of "his kind" is coming, along with the end of the world. He's gracious and allows them to leave and be with their families for the end. No one bites, they want answers. "You're getting pesky" the evil incarnate being on the throne says. He says that others have tried to thwart him and have failed. He flashes an image before them of the Carlisle expedition being dismembered by a number of monsters in Kenya. This causes Colette to lose her cool and her mind. As option two, Mr. Evil decides to open a portal to ancient Egypt, allowing them the option to live a full life. At first no one goes for it, instead things get heated. Regina and Olivia attack, Fimi starts drawing pictures on the ground in the hopes that it will help somehow. At this point Colette nopes right out and tosses her hat and whole body into ancient Egypt. The portal closes and there she stays.

Two monsters appear out of nowhere and join the fray. They're nibbling on our heroes. Jock, in a foolhardy attempt to save Elly, tosses a lasso around her and yanks hard. Elly/Pharaoh looks at him and zaps him into oblivion with a wave of his/her hand. Jock is dead. Mr. Evil gets a little tired of this, tells them it's futile and leaves offer one on the table "get lost, you're out of your league". He leaves, which is apparent when Elly drops to the floor deader than dead.

Pictures are taken, Fimi and Regina realize they should probably take a little vacation to re-coup. They're suddenly afraid of enclosed spaces. They look over and notice Olivia in the fetal position, crazier than a barrel full of rats. So, they find a nice asylum in Egypt and congratulate themselves on their kind acts. They head off to Yalesha's safe house and decide to chill for a bit, being the only two left after their field trip to the Bent Pyramid.